US Navy

Creating a map library for The Naval War College

The naval War College chose horiapopa to create a personalized map library.


The Strategy and Policy Department at the Naval War College required a map library of approximately 175 maps to support their coursework. These maps would be used for large auditorium presentations and classroom instruction, as well as personal study on iPads.

“Any new improvement in the College’s courses of instruction must support the objective of the U.S. Naval War College, which is to enhance the capability of naval officers to make sound decisions in both command and management positions.”

Vice Admiral Stansfield Turner
The Naval War College President


First horiapopa had to determine wether or not one map size will work on all platforms. It soon became obvious that a map created for an iPad with Retina Display would display well on classroom and auditorium screens.

The next step was to create templates of small, medium and large scale maps, to ensure continuity of style. horiapopa then produced a set of base maps to be used for testing, and later, for production of multiple maps of the same area. During user testing, the response from participants was extremely positive, verifying that the high quality of the maps met the faculty requirements.

Collaborating closely with the faculty, horiapopa compiled necessary resources for each map such as existing maps, military documents and history books. During the production phase there was continuous dialogue with map end users, professors and department heads.


At the end of nine months horiapopa delivered to the Naval War College a library of 175 maps, ranging from the Siege of Syracuse in 415-413 BCE to the Hunt for Bin Laden in 2001-2011.